Honolulu Sidecar Scenic Plane Rides + Wine Tours

The most fun you will EVER have on 3 wheels.

Honolulu Scenic Plane Ride + Wine Tour

Take to the skies and experience wine country for a unique aerial adventure! You’ll glide at a low altitude, flying over lakes, vineyards, golf courses, and much more. The beautiful sights of Honolulu valley have so much to offer that the sky’s the limit!

Love high places? Look no further.

Want to impress your date? This’ll knock their socks off.

Our premium wine + aviation package delivers on all levels and is perfect for couples or those craving for the ultimate adventure.

What you can expect: 

  • 30-minute scenic plane ride
  • 2 1/2 hour motorcycle adventure visiting 3 amazing wineries
  • Wine tastings included at 3 wineries
  • A fun time with our knowledgeable aviation pilot and sidecar driver
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