Welcome to San Diego Sidecars!

The most fun you will EVER have on 3 wheels.

Date nights and new adventures can be tough to plan sometimes. We have always loved visiting wine country, immersing ourselves in its rich history, and enjoying the freedom of the backroads on a motorcycle.

We figured why not give everyone the opportunity to experience all of the things we love in a new way! 

And with that, San Diego Sidecars was born. Our Winery tour in this area has taken an urban twist, with our adventure taking guest to tasting rooms and tap rooms instead of wineries, like our other locations.

We have transformed the standard motorcycle sidecar to accommodate two passengers and now we have the world’s first and only fleet of tandem sidecars.

Whether you’re looking for a new fun activity or just itching to ride the vines in style, our ultimate goal is to provide our guests a unique, immersive, and intimate way to get to know this beautiful wine region the way we know best – with elegance, class, and a bit of swagger.

So, grab your loved ones and friends, buckle up, and let’s ride!

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