So-Cal Sidecar Temecula Adventure Tours

The most fun you will EVER have on 3 wheels.

The Temecula Adventure Tour - $149 per person

So-Cal Sidecars Temecula

Feeling adventurous? Looking for fun things to do in Temecula?

Our Adventure Tour gives locals and travelers the opportunity to see what Temecula is all about while riding in our exclusive tandem sidecars. Ride in style on the open road and experience the best of this historic city!

What you can expect: 

  • 2 hour motorcycle adventure visiting one scenic destination (Lake Skinner, picnic area at Bella Vista, or the Sugar Plum Petting Zoo)
  • A fun time with our experienced and knowledgeable drivers
  • Private chauffeur experience in your own personal tandem sidecar
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